Aurora Necklace



Nature’s awakening with an almost mystical morning litany that could be described as “the symphony of the senses”. Inspired by the dawn in Santorini, elevating every outfit, making it distinct uniquely. a statement piece of jewelry for the eclectic and trendsetters of the modern era. With a dynamic design and forged exclusively by hand with passion and love.

Santorini collection is inspired by the architectural tradition of Santorini. Using marble as the canvas, designing organic shapes that capture the eye and having a bold reference to Santorini’s timeless architecture, his designs, which seem to float, create a signature style. An ode to marble and its geometric forms, unfolding from end to end unto the fertile land of Santorini. Modern as it is timeless, unaffected by time and therefore always present, it affects sensory perception and fascinates with its presence.

Santorini. Figment of the love of a God and a Nymph.
Where the almost unearthly litany of the Sun towards the embrace of the Sea transfixes.
The caldera abyss, work of an untamed energy of a volcano still smoldering into Aeon’s depths.
Lovers paths from all over the world, meeting at the islands passageways.
Slowly, as if in a dream, a potential arises, a seed of creation.
The raw material forms into shape and transforms.
From part of the cosmos, becomes part of you.


Cord Length: 45cm
Material: Marble & Cotton Cord
Marble Color: White, Grey
Cord Color: Black, Grey, Greige, Beige, Lava Red
Metal: Silver 925

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